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Why We are Different

  • why we are different 1We accelerate the process by which immigrant workers obtain higher-skilled, better-paying jobs and improve their English skills
  • We work in areas where others don’t, targeting unemployed individuals from minority groups to train them with bilingual culinary skills, which will create job opportunities and generate a sustainable source of income for them and their families
  • We empower the unemployed to be agents of social and economic change:
  • By becoming part of programs that help the needy by providing nutritious meals and creating a sense of community
  • By creating awareness within the community about the importance of healthier lifestyles
  • By functioning as a business incubator, creating opportunities for small business development in the food service industry

why we are different 2

Are we proposing sound programs?

Yes, we have identified the development challenge that immigrants with low English proficiency face when trying to access job training programs mostly offered in English.

We tailor the content of our training to what the food service industry requires, offering employers a workforce of employees with comprehensive culinary knowledge, life and employment skills, and vocational English.

We support our graduates in the process of obtaining jobs.

Our Impact

  • Create job opportunities for the unemployed individuals from minority groups
  • Equip immigrants with language and vocational skills that enable them to get better-paying jobs
  • Empower unemployed people to be agents of social and economic change
  • Fight obesity and malnutrition by offering healthy meals prepared by our students to low-income families and people in need in our community


Why should you and your organization get involved?
Because your support has the power to change lives; we couldn’t do it without you.

How can your organization help?

Invest in smart solutions by:
Giving Vocational and Technical Education
Supporting our food assistance program


By making a tax-deductible donation to La Cocina VA, you can:

  • Create job opportunities for unemployed members of our community
  • Facilitate access to healthier meals for our neighbors in need