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The Problem

The Facts

  • Integration of career and workforce development programs is an essential component of community economic development.
  • Expanding access to career development programs and employment support enhance workforce readiness. A skilled workforce is a critical element in poverty reduction.
  • Most job training programs require participants to have a high level of proficiency in English which is a barrier to many adult immigrants. This is why millions of immigrant workers are routinely excluded from training programs that could allow them access to higher-paying and more fulfilling jobs. Without these programs, they are stuck in low-paying positions with little chance of mobility. A study from Working America Institute.
  • “The Restaurant industry is the largest employer outside of the Government.” Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance.
  • La Cocina VA provides culinary training to the unemployed members of the community to give them the opportunity to access better paying jobs. “We Are all Part of the Solution.”
  • Hunger and obesity, nutrition and malnutrition, access to or lack of healthy food, sustainable food systems: these are issues that governments, civic leaders, agencies, nonprofits, and medical professionals are concerned about. “We Are all Part of the Solution.”
  • Children who grow up poor compared to those raised in higher income families face a greater likelihood of lifelong health challenges, lower educational levels, lower earnings, and are at greater risk of becoming a teen parent – thereby repeating the cycle with their own offspring.
  • Healthier food choices need to be offered in minority markets to prevent and reduce obesity and diabetes. To have access to fruits and vegetables, many low-income families must travel miles from their neighborhoods to the nearest store that provides healthier alternatives for their children.


By making a tax-deductible donation to La Cocina VA, you can:

  • Create job opportunities for unemployed members of our community
  • Facilitate access to healthier meals for our neighbors in need