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Pamela Montesinos

Recruitment and Program Coordinator

Pamela Montesinos has been with La Cocina VA since the very beginning and has successfully grown within the organization thanks to her passion, dedication, and disposition to take on new challenges.

When Pamela moved to Virginia in 2012, she quickly learned about the challenges the Latino community faced and became very interested in finding a job that would allow her to help the members of her community through her skills and knowledge. She quickly found out about a recently founded non-profit organization looking to hire a Spanish-speaking ServSafe instructor and decided to pursue this opportunity, being this the beginning of her path with La Cocina VA.

In 2015, Pamela was offered a new position as Program Coordinator and has since been in charge of the logistics and administration of the culinary training program and the food assistance program, she also interacts directly with the students constantly supervising their performance and recently assumed the responsibility of recruitment of the program, reaching out to organizations, government agencies, case managers, and other service providers that work closely with the community to give information about the culinary program and make it accessible to the DMV’s underserved residents.

In the beginning of her professional career, Pamela studied Biology at Universidad Nacional de San Marcos in Lima, Peru and graduated in 2003. She started working as a Food Safety Inspector for various important food service providers in her country’s capital, being responsible for the most important touristic city the capital. She was responsible for the evaluation and training of the restaurants’ food handlers and managers, making sure they follow the law. Later, Pamela was invited to be part of the staff of the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute as a Food Safety Instructor where she worked for four years. At the same time, she worked as a consultant for restaurants and catering companies implementing food safety procedures and policies, where she achieved great success and recognition.

During her free time, Pamela enjoys spending time with her three daughters and her husband. She loves hiking, gardening, cooking, and working on handcrafted projects.


By making a tax-deductible donation to La Cocina VA, you can:

  • Create job opportunities for unemployed members of our community
  • Facilitate access to healthier meals for our neighbors in need
  • Offer fruits and vegetables to those living in food desert neighborhoods


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