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Paloma Martinez

Recruitment and Program Coordinator

Paloma Martinez joined our team in December of 2018. She traded the palm trees of Miami, Florida for the metropolitan area of the DMV. 

Despite having studied Veterinary Technology in South Florida, Paloma’s career path has taken her through a human-oriented non-profit journey from Miami-Dade to Arlington County. In the first of these non-profits, Paloma developed workshops in both English and Spanish ranging through topics that interested women within Miami-Dade County; professional skills, basic English, and healthy living habits are some examples. Furthermore, Paloma helped organize forms of collaboration with local volunteers for the greater benefit of refugee women, female victims of domestic violence, as well as at-risk young ladies. More recently. Paloma did community outreach targeting the needs of a wider audience which encompassed seniors, men, and women in need, children, and majorly recent immigrants of Miami. 

Paloma is interested in furthering her education within the non-profit world especially regarding management. Social work is something that also interests her a lot but more specifically early childhood development as she had the chance to work with children in the Miami-Dade school system as well.

During her free time, Paloma likes to listen to music, go shopping, and when possible travel back to Miami. Paloma grew up in New Jersey but has Peruvian-Cuban heritage and loves to embrace both cultures and learn more about them whenever possible—especially the power of their food!


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