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Food Assistance Program

Food Assistance

Feeding our Community

Many in our community face homelessness, hunger, and struggle to make ends meet to feed their families.  Immigrant and low income families may also have limited access to good, affordable food options and face issues such as diabetes, obesity and malnutrition.  At La Cocina VA, we are working hard to change this.  We provide our neighbors with healthy, nutritious meals designed to combat hunger and prevent and reduce obesity.  We partner with local agencies and nonprofits to reach and serve those most in need.

Fighting Hunger and Obesity

Working with our partners, the Capital Area Food Bank, MOM’s Organic Market, and local food pantries we transform food donations and fresh produce into nutritious meals.  Our chef instructor creates menus for healthy, balanced meals — 50% fruit and vegetables, 50% lean proteins, like fish and chicken — that are also delicious.

As part of our hands on kitchen training, our students prep and cook the meals that are donated to those in need.  These meals are free and are delivered to our neighbors in homeless shelters, low income housing and to children in after school programs. We collaborate with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing, Volunteers of America and Community Lodgings to serve these families.  Since our inception, we have provided over 20,000 healthy meals to our local communities.

Nutritious and Tasty

Our meals are designed not only to improve the health of those in our community, but also to educate families and children on making positive food choices.  Exposing them to appetizing dishes that are both affordable, healthy and tasty.  We support families in building good eating habits and helping their children develop and thrive.



By making a tax-deductible donation to La Cocina VA, you can:

  • Create job opportunities for unemployed members of our community
  • Facilitate access to healthier meals for our neighbors in need